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सप्तशक्ति धारक गोजो Empty सप्तशक्ति धारक गोजो

Post by AMAN KUMAR on Fri Jun 08, 2012 6:52 pm

अग्निमंथन से निकला एक प्राणी गोजो जिसके पास है सात अद्भुत शक्तियाँ धारक जुड़ोका,शाकाल,तीसरी आँख,बिजलिका,संहारक,बिल्लौरा और गुरुघंटाल रक्षक। ये मिलकर करते है पृथ्वी की पापियोँ से रक्षा।

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सप्तशक्ति धारक गोजो Empty Re: सप्तशक्ति धारक गोजो

Post by Shubham Kulshreshtha on Sun Jun 10, 2012 11:52 am

Iski shaktiyon ke bare mein mai bata deta hoon............

Bijlika: As her name suggests, she can manipulate, absorb, and generate electricity for various purposes and effects in battle. She is the only female among the seven.

Teesri Aankh: A being with an additional eye on his forehead,similar to the Hindu god Shiva.His "third eye" is known to wreak havok on evil when opened.

Sanharak: Sanharak's body is fully composed of a stone-like substance,which grants him super-human strength and durability.

Shaakaal: He is a humnoid with eagle-like physiology. His primary power is flight facilitated by a pair of wings on his back. He also has enhanced vision,razor-sharp claws and beak,and can control eagles.

Gurughantaal: A being with spiked-body, Gurughantaal can create(or summon) any object,including weapons of his choice out of nowhere.

Billoura: Billoura has cat-like physiology, which grants him super-human agility, reflexes, speed, balance, and coordination, enhanced senses, razor-sharp claws, and fangs. He also has limited shapeshifting, and can transform from a feline humonoid to an ordinary cat.

Judoka: He has no super-human powers, but he is master of all of the fighting styles and arts ever existed.
Shubham Kulshreshtha
Shubham Kulshreshtha

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